NEC LCD2690WUXi: 25.5″ Wide LCD Monitor

The 25.5″ size is an odd-ball size, but it is more accurate than the 26″ size that is floating around. The 26″ that you see out there is actually a 25.5″. NEC Display’s LCD2690WUXi, contrary to its naming scheme, is a 25.5″ wide LCD monitor and will be introduced into the wild in January 2007 in Japan. The price is a hefy JPY 239,400 (about US$2060). The response time is on the slow side at 16ms; the resolution is the same as a 23″ or a 24″ at 1920 x 1200. Brightness is rated at 400 cd/m2 and viewing angles are 178/178. The contrast ratio is a respectable 800:1.

The best part of this display is that the color gamut has been increased to 91% NTSC. I am not sure what type of backlight it is using but it is most likely a wide color gamut CCFL (WCG CCFL) instead of LED. LED-based backlights get closer to 100% NTSC while WCG CCFLs get to the low-90’s. There are two DVI ports and a VGA port.

Source: DailyTECH

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