BenQ FP93G X+: 2ms 19″ LCD Monitor

BenQ’s FP93G X+ is a 19″ LCD monitor with a fast 2ms response time. The design is on the simple side but those wanting some fast-action liquid crystals should have a look at the FP93G X+ regardless. Other specifications include:

Slim bezel: 13mm
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 800:1
Connection: VGA, DVI
Price: ?

The FP93G X+ will be available this month (December). BenQ uses its Advanced Motion Accelerator (AMA) technology that improves LC response times. AMA is just another name for an overdriving circuitry that boosts the voltage so the LCs respond faster when rising. Unfortunately, this does not help the LCs fall faster. And that’s where advanced LCD TVs are better than monitors for getting rid of motion blur. Some advanced LCD TVs have doubled the frequency from 60Hz to 120Hz to allow the insertion of additional frames, black frames, so the blurring effect can be literally shopped off by a black frame. Of course, over driving circuitry will be built into these advanced LCD TVs.

Conclusion: Don’t assume a 2ms response time will get rid of all motion blurs when you’re either playing a fast-paced action game or watching HD content. If display performance is what you’re after, I would recommend waiting for a combination of these technologies: 120Hz, optically compensated bend (OCB) liquid crystals, black frame insertion, and over driving circuitry.

Source: Engadget

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