Zune: Strong Start

The NPD Group, who tracks point of sale data in the US, reported that Zune captured 9% unit share and 13% dollar share of portable digital audio players in the week ending November 18. With those numbers Zune was the number two most popular digital audio player bumping Sandisk down a notch. Apple’s iPod, according to NPD, was the undisputed leader with 63% unit share and 72.5% dollar share.

But I disagree. The iPod is not just a single iPod; it is a family of iPods including the iPod, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle. And there are multiple colors: two for the iPod, and six for the iPod nano. The Zune is just the Zune that comes in three colors. So overall, it’s nine members of the iPod family versus Zune’s three. So if you even out the numbers, here is how it looks:

Average unit share per model
iPod: 63% / 9 = 7%
Zune: 9% / 3 = 3%

Average revenue share per model
iPod: 72.5% / 9 = 8.1%
Zune: 13% / 3 = 4.3%

Of course Apple’s iPod is still king of the hill, but from these new numbers, Zune is doing quite well, especially considering that the iPod family includes much cheaper models compared to the Zune.

Source: Twice

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