Dallas Cowboys Stadium Video Screen

Dallas Cowboys Stadium LED Video Screen

Engadget, Dallas Cowboys New Stadium, Gizmodo, Dallas News: The Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium will have 9000 square feet of screen when it is completed in 2009. There will be four video boards and will be center-hung. The two panels facing the endzones will measure 48 feet by 27 feet each and the two facing the sidelines will have dimensions of 180 feet by 50 feet. These video screens in combination will be the largest in the world. Of course, it’s not really a apples-to-apples comparison as Japan’s Tokyo Racetrack is more-or-less a single seemless screen measuring a total of 8066 square feet. The Godzillatron at the Royal-Memorial Stadium sports a total square footage of 6850.

The new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys have some impressive features. The roof is retractable with two 63000-square foot panels and opens and closes via a rack and pinion drive system in 12 minutes. Most likely, these screens will incorporate some type of projection technology, but that’s just a guess on my part.

Update: The Dallas Cowboys will have the largest video screen in the world, in 2009. The gigantic LED video display is 71′ 4″ tall and 159′ 7″ wide for a total area of 11,200 square feet. As the picture shows below the length is equal to four Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses! This is much bigger than the original 9000 square feet they were talking about when I originally posted about this back in December 2006. The Tokyo Racecourse where the current largest video display is located is by comparison 218′ tall and 37′ wide totaling 8,066 square feet. The US has #3, #4 and #5 all wrapped up as well.

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