JVC HD-58S998 and HD-65S998: Slim 58" and 65" LCoS TVs

JVC introduced its HD-58S998 and HD-65S998 LCoS-based rear projection TVs. JVC has a name for its LCoS technology: D-ILA. What’s new here is that these two TVs have slimmed down. The HD-58S998, a 58″ LCoS TV comes in at a depth of only 10.7″ while the larger 65″ model, the HD-65S998, has a depth of 11.6″. As you can see from the first picture, JVC has done a remarkable job and has made these two TVs look very similar to a plasma or LCD TV integrated into a stand.

Both of these TVs are capable of displaying 1080p. JVC developed a new optical engine that incorporates a new concave mirror with a refracting lens to create a projection angle about 138 degrees wider and about 1.5 times greater than the company’s previous technology. The wide angle reduces the required projection distance by 40%.

Both TVs have a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and has JVC’s Genessa 32-bit CPU video processing among other technologies. There are two HDMI inputs, two component inputs and a PC input. A tuner is built-in that works with ATSC, DRC, QAM, and NTSC. The HD-58S998 will be available in January for about $3,300 while the larger HD-65S998 will be available in march for about $4,200.

I’m personally a fan of LCoS technology and can’t wait to see further advancements. For instance, instead of using a UHP bulb, I would like to see either a LED or laser-lit backlight. With these two units, JVC has done a great job making these two TVs look thin enough to be quite competitive with plasma and LCD TVs. Of course, by the looks of it, I don’t think you’ll be able to hang these on the wall. I do not like the idea of mounting a TV on the wall as it would require quite a bit of work. Also, what happens when you want to move the TV?

Source: JVC America

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