LG’s DA70-GPFANX is a LCD TV with a built-in TV. On the TV side, the specifications are as follows:

CPU: Celeron M 430
HDD: 160GB
GPU: Intel GMA950
WiFi: Yes, unspecified
Optical: Slot-loading DVD (speed unknown at the moment)

The LCD specifications are:

Response time: 8ms
Brightness: 500 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 800:1

Overall dimensions are 720 x 470 x 99 mm or 28 x 18.5 x 3.9 inches. LG’s DA70-GPFANX will be on sale in South Korea for about 1,850,000 won or about US$2000. I have a few reservations regarding PC TV combination devices. First of all, let me start off with my experience in using a Toshiba TV that has a VCR built in. I’m sure everyone is familiar with how this story will end: Yes, the VCR is dead and I have not fixed it. What will happen if something were to happen on the PC side? If and when that happens, you’ll end up with just a very expensive LCD TV. Another glaring limitation is longevity: Unless there are easy (any?) ways to upgrade the PC side of this combo device, the usefulness will be somewhat limited. However, the things we can do on the Internet does not require the latest and greatest PC specifications, so browsing, IMing, emailing, etc. should be easy enough for the DA70-GPFANX. On a side note, is it just me or is LG getting a bit more aggressive in terms of, say, exciting a certain portion of potential customers via photographic marketing?

Source: Engadget, Aving.net

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