Sampo LM-32H1: 32" LED-based LCD TV

Sampo’s LM-32H1 is a 32″ LCD TV that eschews standard CCFLs for LEDs. With a LED-based backlight system, the LCD panel is only 30% the thickness of typical LCD TV panels. The lifetime of the LM-32H1 is expected to be 100,000 hours, double that of typical CCFL-based LCD TVs.

The technology is impressive, especially by a lesser brand such as Sampo. But if you’re going to put so much technology in it, make sure to have a good camera and a good photographer. The image of the TV probably does not do the LM-32H1 much justic. That said, if the price of the LM-32H1 is under $1500, I think they will be a big hit; much more than that and I think consumers will just get the larger 37″ or 40″ LCD TVs. Price premiums for advanced technology has a limit, especially if it isn’t backed by a strong brand name.

Source: FPDisplay

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