V7 R22W02: 22" Wide LCD Monitor

V7, formerly known as Videoseven, introduced its R22W02, a 22″ wide LCD monitor. The aspect ratio is 16:10 (Engadget incorrectly states it at 16:9, as does V7’s own press release) with a resolution of 1680 x 1050. The contrast ratio is 700:1, which is very impressive, with a brightness of 300 cd/m2. The R22W02 will be exclusively distributed via Ingram Micro.

There are many 22″ wide LCD monitors being introduced these days and V7’s R22W02 might be just another 22″ in the crowd, except that it will probably have one of the lowest prices: expect a sub-$349 price. A quick check on www.shopzilla.com reveals a price range of $310.88 – $343.39. V7’s press release states that the R22W02 has a long panel life of 40,000 hours, but I must disagree that it is long. Average LCD panel lifetimes are rated around 50,000 hours, so the R22W02 will last 20% less–not something to brag about.

Source: Engadget, PR Newswire

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