Samsung SPH-B5800: T-DMB Mobile Phone with TPEG Support

Samsung showcased its SPH-B5800 mobile phone that is T-DMB capable and supports TPEG. First, T-DMB allows you to watch TV on your mobile telly. TPEG is short for Transport Protocol Experts Group and updates traffic, restaurant and tourism information every five minutes via the T-DMB connection. Typical GPS-like features include driver’s destination and expected arrival time calculations. The SPH-5800 has a 2mp camera, a 330,000 word dictionary, a MP3 player, a MicroSD slot, and Bluetooth capability. The display seems to be in the 2″ range with a resolution that is likely to be 240 x 320 to display all that information.

I hope the SPH-B5800 is not too thick as some of this uber-mobile phones tend to be. The five minute updates can be on the long side, especially if you’re driving at a good clip–maybe real-time updates could be possible in the future for a premium price. And the thing that I am most perterbed by is the fact that all this T-DMB, TPEG and SPH-B5800 goodness is only available in South Korea. For now.

Source: Mobilewhack,

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