Nichia Lamp-type LED Reaches 150 lm/W

Nichia, a Japanese manufacturer of LEDs, announced that it has reached an efficacy of 150 lm/W (that’s lumen per watt) with a drive current of 20 mA. The luminus flux of this new high-bright LED is 9.4 lm at a color temperature of 4600 K. The efficacy of 150 lm/W is much higher than conventional fluorescent lamps at 90 lm/W or high-pressure sodium lamps (132 lm/W). With much higher efficacy LEDs, application needs that require high brightness such as headlights in an automobile can be met. One of the first automobiles to feature a LED-based headlight is Audi’s new R8. In fact, the new R8 incorporates LEDs for all lighting applications.

Source: LEDs Magazine

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