Hitachi 2.9" 480 x 800 Mobile LCD

Hitachi has increased the pixel format to an amazing 480 x 800 in a small 2.9″ LCD. A couple of sources (Techon, Engadget) incorrectly states that it is a 800 x 480, but looking at where the connections are (column drivers) it is definitely a portrait display. Of course, you can simply put it on its side and claim that it’s a 800 x 480 pixel format. The problem with that is the refreshes will be clumsy. Not a very important point, but here’s what really is important: IPS. Yes, this 2.9″ LCD has IPS technology. What does that mean? Colors will be great as will be viewing angles.

Anyway, Hitachi’s development of this crazy high resolution display will allow for some media-rich services as soon as mobile phones come equipped so many pixels. I would like to see the next generation iPod sport one of these high-tech marvels.

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