Displaytech LV-VGA, LV-WVGA, LV-SVGA: FLCOS Microdisplays

Displaytech, the pioneer of ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) technologies announced its new LightView microdisplays: LV-VGA, LV-WVGA, LV-SVGA. The LV-VGA has a 640 x 480 pixel format with a 9.2mm diagonal size. The LV-WVGA has a 852 x 480 pixel format with a diagonal size that is slightly larger with 11.25mm. The LV-SVGA offers a pixel format of 800 x 600 in a 11.5mm diagonal size. All three have very low power consumption at 100 mw or lower with a 60 hertz frame rate. Brightness and gamma can also be adjusted. What I can expect from this announcement are lower prices for front projectors. The 852 x 480 version might be interesting if the final front projector price came at lower than $499.

Source: BusinessWire

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