MSI Mega Player 529: Integrated into Notebook PC

MSI’s Mega Player 529 is a portable media player (PMP) and has recently been integrated into a notebook PC. The plugged in Mega Player 529 can make use of Microsoft’s SideShow to play music, open PowerPoint presentations, receive email alerts, etc. Engadget is reporting that most likely PortalPlayer’s Preface system is being used. The Mega Player 529 has a 320 x 240 pixel format, a built-in DAC, 1GB of flash, and a USB connection.

I wonder what it would look without the Mega Player 529 plugged in. I would think it would look pretty empty. Plus, I don’t know that I would want another gadget to be sipping away at my precious battery power. The overall idea is pretty nice, but I don’t think I would be purchasing anything like this notebook or the Mega Player 529. I would much rather see an iPod-dockable notebook PC or even a desktop PC.

Source: Engadget

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