Sharp Manufacturing Poland Sp.zo.o Begin LCD TV Module Production in January 2007

Sharp Manufacturing Poland Sp.zo.o. (SMPL), a Sharp subsidiary located in Lysomice, Poland, will begin manufacturing LCD TV modules in January 2007. SMPL’s initial production capability will be 100,000 modules per month. SMPL was established in April 2006 to establish a tariff-free production base for the European TV market. The SMPL-built LCD TV modules will be shipped to Spain and Loewe, Germany to be integrated into a LCD TV. The Lysomice, Poland site is approximately 500,000 m2 and the initial investment was around E44 million. SMPL employs about 800 workers.

Sharp is on its way to take a large chunk of the European market. With a tight vertical integration from LCD panel to TV production capability, Sharp has an edge over others in terms of managing technology, production, inventory, and quality.

Source: FPDisplay

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