Wistron to Buy Delta Electronics DLP RPTV Business

According to rumors, Wistron has decided to acquire the DLP rear projection TV (RPTV) business of Delta Electronics. Delta’s LCD and plasma display panel (PDP) TV business will also be merged into Wistron. Wistron has received a very large order from Sharp for 350,000 – 500,000 DLP RPTVs per month. Now although this is just a rumor, it’s an interesting rumor because currently Sharp is only involved in LCD TV production. If Sharp has decided to enter the DLP TV business, this will be very weird, to say the least. Sharp has already heavily invested in G8 production capability that will enable it to compete very well in the 50″-59″ sizes. Of course, with DLP TVs, it would be much cost-effective to compete in the 60″ and larger sizes relative to a G9 investment.

Source: Digitimes

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