Ya Hsin: LCD TV with LED Backlight for Philips

Ya Hsin Industrial, an integrator based in Taiwan, received orders from Philips. And guess what they will be making for Philips? LCD TVs with LED backlights. Shipments are expected to begin in early 2007. This is the first time Ya Hsin has been tapped to build LCD TVs with LED backlights so I’m guessing there will be some trial and error. Replacing the conventional CCFL lamps with LEDs isn’t as simple as it seems. There are many issues to overcome. Solutions that address heat issues have not been completely addressed given cost constraints. Even major companies are having extreme difficulties incorporating LED backlights into larger LCDs. Ya Hsin will need to make sure it figures out all the problems because it will need to build hundreds of thousands of these LCD TVs in 2007.

Source: Digitimes

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