Vizio VM60P: 60" Plasma TV for Less than $3000

Vizio’s VM60P is a 60″ plasma display panel (PDP) TV that sports a pixel format of only 1366 x 768. No 1080p goodness happening with the VM60P. So the $2999 price isn’t as great as it could have been if it had Full HD 1080p. Still the price is very good compared to others that cost thousands more. But you really need to get 1080p with a PDP TV this big. There are four HDMI inputs, a VGA connection and a tuner that can handle NTSC, ATSC and QAM. The contrast ratio is 7000:1 and the brightness 1200 cd/m2. With PDP TVs, take the contrast ratio specifications with a grain of salt because what they generally do is put all the power into just a little spot while keeping everything completely black and then measuring the contrast ratio. It is true, though, that PDP TVs have blacker blacks than typical LCD TVs. But 7000:1 is a pretty crazy number without having a chip to handle enhancing duties. I would personally pass on this budget 60″ because of the low-tech PDP that’s involved with only 1366 x 768.

Source: Engadget

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