MicroDisplay Supplies Memorex, Akai

MicroDisplay, a Fremont, California-based start-up OEM rear-projection TV (RPTV) manufacturer, announced during CES 2007, that it has reached an agreement to supply Akai and Memorex with its proprietary one-chip 1080p LCoS engine dubbed “Liquid Fidelity”. The company will OEM RPTV sets for the two brands in 52″ and 62″ sizes with shipments to commence during this summer. Gennum supplies picture quality enhancing technologies and Avtrex will be tapped for its user interface (UI) system.

Although Memorex and Akai are not at the top of my list to look for when shopping for LCoS RPTVs, competitive pricing from these two brands will result in lower prices overall. I’m hoping there will be more brands that jump on the LCoS bandwagon because I believe it to be the best display technology for very large sizes (60″ and larger).

Source: Twice

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