Fujitsu Enters LCD TV Market

Fujitsu General, a plasma display panel (PDP) TV brand, will enter the LCD TV market with a 37″ that sports a 120Hz frequency commonly used to reduce motion blur. Fujitsu will be targeting the home theater segment, but in my opinion the 37″ size is a bit too small. The company’s target with a 37″ size would be a small family room at best. Because of the 120Hz frequency that requires faster column and row driver ICs as well as low-viscosity liquid crystals in addition to advanced electronics, Fujitsu’s 37″ will be expensive and the company stated that it will be two to three times more expensive than competitive offerings. With strong brands like Sony, Samsung, Philips and Sharp, Fujitsu is entering not only a crowded market but an extremely competitive one at the high end.

Source: Smarthouse

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