LG Electronics BH-100: Super Multi Blue Hybrid HD Player

LG Electronics (LGE) took the wraps off of its BH-100, dubbed the Super Multi Blue HD disc player that can play both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. The MSRP will be $1199 and will ship in February. Of course, standard DVDs can be played the BH-100 as well. A feature of the BH-100 is upconversion of DVD to 1080i and carried through its HDMI v1.2 output. Unfortunately, the Super Multi Blue will not be super enough to player a regular rather old technology audio CD. Blu-ray and HD-DVD will have 1080p video out claimed LGE, but I must be missing something since I was under the assumption that HD-DVD was limited to 1080i output. Maybe those guys made an update while I was hibernating.

This development bodes well to those on the fence regarding HD optical formats. Of course, the $1199 price will limited the BH-100 to those that have some serious cash for serious HD viewing. HD TV adoption will be enhanced somewhat at the high end, but for the majority of us wanting to watch movies in 1080p via Blu-ray (or HD-DVD?) we would like to have a standard format. My bet is on Blu-ray for a variety of reasons but the main reason is the fact that the majority of studios are backing it instead of HD-DVD. Also, if I were to bet between PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, I would bet on the PS3. Just one guy’s opinion is all.

Source:  Broadcast Newsroom

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