Nokia: Coal Based Diamond Coating for Gadgets

Nokia seems to have a solution for iPods that scratch too easily: diamond-like coatings that are based on coal for gadgets with plastic cases. The coal ions penetrate the plastic surface and bond to form an amorphous, diamond-like coating that is less than 100nm thick. The best part about this process is that it works at room temperature and does not require plastics that are heat resistant. The coating will be significantly more protective than plastics, cheap, bio-degradable and grime resistant. The article on New Scientist Tech states that the conductive coating is antistatic meaning that dust will not be attracted to it. Like shiny metal, the surface will reflect and diffract light.

I am not sure if this technology can be made transparent, but a coating like this would be quite beneficial to displays that easily gets scratched and broken. It would also be great if I didn’t have to worry about my LCDs attracting so much dust.

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