Infovision Optronics Gain ex-CPT Chung

Hsiang-Kuei Chung, former VP of Chunghwa Picture Tube’s (CPT) CRT business, will become president of Infovision Optronics (IVO) that is based in China. IVO intends to build a G5 TFT LCD fab. It will have an initial input capacity of 60,000 glass substrates with a glass dimension of 1200 x 1300mm and then grow to a total capacity of 120,000 substrates per month. IVO has recruited from CPT as well as HannStar.

Everybody knows that the LCD industry is crowded with LCD manufacturers. The industry is entering a consolidation phase and the number of players are starting to shrink and some say that the number will be reduced to just four or five in the next several years. So, for IVO to enter the market at this point is somewhat of a mystery. Of course there will be enormous local demand for LCDs in China and China is where all the manufacturing gets done for all things that have a LCD. We’ll see what happens but I’m not very optimistic on IVO.

Source: Glass on Web

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