Polymer Vision and Innos to Build 5″ Flexible Plastic Displays

Polymer Vision: Polymer Vision, a Philips spin-off, will work with Innos to build 5″ flexible displays made of plastic. This was announced on January 24. The 5″ flexible display is based on organic semiconductor technology and is rollable. Manufacturing will commence in 2007. Final qualification will be held in Innos’ Southampton, UK location where the company has already begun installing equipment. To rapidly ramp volume production in 2007, mainstream TFT equipment will be used.

Personally, I prefer rectangle-shaped devices to cylinders. But I am sure there will be product designs that will simply allow for a larger rollable display to be incorporated into today’s rectangle-shaped mobile devices. It would be quite beneficial if I had the ability to extend the display out from a 2″ LCD to form a 5″ display.

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