Philips Cineos 32PF9731D: 32″ LCD TV

Philips’ Cineos 32PF9731D is the smaller version of the brilliant 37PF9731D. Trusted Reviews gives it 9/10 overall and 10/10s for both Design & Features and Image Quality. The 32PF9731D uses Philips’ Ambilight system that shines light that surrounds the TV. The light color matches the content of what you are viewing and enhances the overall experience. There are two HDMI inputs, VGA, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a multi-format card reader and the list goes on. Compatible file formats that can be displayed on the 32PF9731D are: MP3, JPEG, MPEG1 and 2 and 4, DivX as well as XviD.

ClearLCD technology is incorporated that reduce motion blur and improves black levels, two challenging areas that LCD technology continues to suffer from. ClearLCD uses an over driving circuitry that improves liquid crystal response times. Also by using a hot cathode fluorescent lamp (HCFL) technology verses the regular hot cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) technology, Philips is able to blink the backlight so that light output is minimized during dark scenes and maximized during bright scenese. The HCFL is thicker than CCFL but is substantially more durable and can withstand the continuous blinking. Video processing is completed by Philips’ Pixel Plus 3HD.

The main drawback of the 32PF9731D is the lack of Full HD 1080p capability and sports only a 1366 x 768 pixel format. Its larger brethren, the 37PF9731D is Full HD 1080p capable, but with a much bigger price tag. The 37PF9731D can be had for just over $1000, while the 32PF9731D is a bit less ranging in the mid-$900s.

Source: Trusted Reviews

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