Cree XLamp XR-E LEDs: One Amp

Cree, a LED manufacturer, qualified its XLamp XR-E LEDs for one amp operation. The luminous flux of the XR-E LED is up to 210 lumens per A with typical numbers at 176 l/A. Though Cree’s XR-E LED is not a new product, it was launched in October 2006, the 1 A operation meets portable lighting requirements enabling XR-E LED-based products to be used at higher power levels. Products include flashlights, portable electronic lanterns, etc. Pior to this development, XR-E LED was qualified to operate at a maximum of 700 mA. To be specific, the LED chip, the EZ Power Chip, was always qualified at 1 A. Now, the phosphor as well as the package are both qualified to run at 1 A. Read more at LEDs Magazine.

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