Lumileds Light InterContinental Executive Club Lounge

Lumiled’s Luxeon LEDs are lighting the InterContinental Executive Club Lounges on the 32nd floor of the InterContinental Hotel overlooking Sydney’s Botanical Gardens and Harbour. Luxeon LEDs are integrated on both the exterior and interior to highlight elements of the new lounge. Light intensity was varied for different applications with a direct light source over the food service area and a light pool over the circulation space.

Although quite different from LEDs used as backlights in applications such as LCD monitors, LCD TVs and notebook PCs, the use of LEDs in general is picking up. LED as a replacement for the universal incandescent lightbulb in the home is still many years away due to the focused nature of LEDs but for certain applications such as the InterContinental Executive Club Lounges, LED lighting will prove invaluable without a viable substitute.  Read more at LEDs Magazine.

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