Polymer Vision Cellular-Book

Polymer Vision: Polymer Vision will be unveiling a foldable display called the Cellular-Book at the upcoming 3GSM conference to be held in Spain. The Cellular-Book will be carried by Telecom Italia. The Cellular-Book has a rollable 5″ display and is housed in a case that is about as large as a mobile phone. The 5″ display is a greyscale display with 16 levels.

The cellular portion of the Cellular-Book features cellular (EDGE, UMTS) and broadcast (DVB-H IP data-casting) connections. Also, a mini-USB slot is available to connect to a PC to enable wireless broadband data connections. Via TIM’s mobile services, the Cellular-Book has instant access to personalized information, email, news, information feeds, and location-sensitive maps (GPS?). Not only can the device display textual information and graphics, it can download and play music, audiobooks and audio podcasts.

Surprisingly, the Cellular-Book sports 4GB of storage, which would be enough for a very large number of books. Another surprise is the 10 day usage time between battery charges!

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