Samsung Improves LCD TV Heat Dissipation

On February 1, 2007, Samsung announced that it has developed an industry first display driver IC (DDI) package that is thermally enhanced for use in LCD TV panels. Samsung calls the package TECOF for thermally-enhanced chip-on-film. Compared to conventional COF packages, Samsung’s TECOF improves thermal heat dissipation by 20%. Simply, less heat means better reliability.

The core of the development is a new material for the thin metal tape component that dissipates heat. Along with the new thin metal tape, Samsung developed an automated process to attach the metal tape to the COF package.  The result is the TECOF package that can reduce the number of DDIs for a Full HD LCD TV panel from fourteen 414-channel DDIs to just eight 720-channel DDIs. The reduction in the number of DDIs can lead to lower costs, lower complexity, higher throughput and higher durability. Expect lower priced 1080p-capable LCD TVs in the near future.

Source: Samsung

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