Corning Annual Investor Relations Meeting: Display Technologies

Corning: Peter F. Volanakis, CEO, stated during Corning’s annual investor relations meeting on February 9 that the total demand for LCD glass will be nearly 2 billion square feet in 2008. LCD TV penetration will reach 33% in 2007 and 45% in 2008 and be fueled by LCD TVs and the general trend toward larger LCD sizes. The average LCD screen size was forecasted to grow to nearly 32″ in 2008 from an average of 28″ today. Also, glass demand from just LCD TVs will hit 1.2 billion square feet in 2008, equaling the total glass demand in 2006.

Volanakis also stated that LCD’s penetration into the TV market will surpass CRT technology by 2010. In North America, Corning sees a 61% penetration in 2008 and almost 90% for Japan in the same timeframe. China’s growth was also mentioned and stated that the LCD TV market in China will be as large as North America’s by 2010. By 2008, notebook PCs will take 40% of PCs sold, LCD monitors will be 90% of the desktop monitor market with more than 20% growth from 2006 – 2008 for handheld devices.

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