LG Electronics DP771: 7″ Portable DVD Player

LG Electronics’s DP771 is a portable DVD player that sports a 7″ swiveling display and was showcased during CES 2007. The DP771 can be used as a USB host and supports USB memory cards with MP3, WMA and JPEG playback. There are built-in stereo speakers. A video and audio outputs are available to connect to a TV.

From the pictures, it seems you can attach an additional battery that makes the unit somewhat large. Also, the swivel capability of a portable unit is somewhat questionnable in its usability. I would assume most people using the DP771 would be watching their movies head on. Even with two people using it, you would want to position the device in the middle of the two so each can have similar viewing angles. The inclusion of two headphone jacks was a good idea.

Source: AVING, LG Electronics

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