Kolin and Syntax-Brillian Target European LCD TV Market

Kolin Group Inc. will contract First International Computer Inc. to supply LCD TVs. Kolin plans to deliver 100,000 LCD TVs to the European market with Germany, Britain, and France as main targets. The brand Syntax-Brillian will be tapped in the second half of 2007 to materialize these plans. Kolin shipped a total of 600,000 LCD TVs in 2006 and the company expects to double shipments to 1.2 million units in 2007. The two companies, Kolin and Syntax-Brillian, plan to penetrate the European market with the 32″ and 42″ LCD TVs through Vivitar, a local brand acquired by Syntax-Brillian. For its up-coming 65″ LCD TV, panels will be sourced from Sharp, which makes Kolin the first Taiwanese LCD TV manufacturer to acquire 65″ LCD panels from Sharp. Source: CENS

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