Sony on Dell

Dell has added Sony’s TVs to its online store. I grabbed a banner off of Dell’s site and it is pretty clear: Sony is available. And Dell isn’t stopping there. The company is planning to offer more brands in the future focusing on consumer and small-business markets. This was all made public during Thursday’s (February 8, 2007) announcement. One downside was the suspension of bonuses for all employees due to Dell’s poor financial performance laid out in a memo from Michael Dell, who took over the reigns from former CEO Kevin Rollins. In that memo, Dell wrote that he would be CEO of Dell for the next several years.

What this move tells me is that Dell is moving its store toward more of an model rather than an Apple model. The Amazon example would be to be an online store destination that sells everything but in Dell’s case it would be computers and consumer electronics goodies. I think Dell can very well be that destination. But, I think the Apple Store idea is a better one for most branded companies that have an online store. I know when I go to Apple’s online store that I will be getting a good deal of information about Apple-related stuff, especially complementary peripherals to products such as an iPod. Apple’s store continues have focus. Dell is shifting its focus to, well, everything.

Source: InformationWeek

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