Meizu M8, miniOne: Apple iPhone Look Alike

I opened up Engadget and there it was, Apple’s iPhone. But, no, not really, just something that looks very close to it. It is Meizu’s M8 or miniOne. The OS within the miniOne is clearly in Chinese but the icons, their shapes, sizes and locations bear clear resemblance to Apple’s iPhone.

According to the article, there aren’t any public specifications and so I clicked on to where all the pictures are, and the source to them. I do hope this is a legit phone because it would be interesting to have video chats with the built-in camera on the front, at least that’s what I’m assuming it is. It looks like it could be a IR remote receiver, but why would you need that on a phone like this. Maybe the miniOne can hook up all the Windows users with something just as cool as an iPhone, and for a better price than $499. And one more thing, please make an unlocked CDMA version too.

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