HTC Advantage X7500: 5" Windows Mobile 6 Device

The HTC Advantage X7500 sports a 5″ touchscreen LCD with a pixel format of 640 x 480 and features a 3 megapixel camera, a second camera with 640 x 480 capability, Bluetooth 2.0, TV output, GPS with TomTom, a 8GB hard disk and a miniSD expansion slot. The HTC Advantage X7500 is rated to last 8 hours and will be available in Europe in March via T-Mobile and with the Ameo name.

A bit different than OQO or Sony’s approach to a ultra-mobile computing device, the HTC Advantage X7500 seems foremost a smartphone that has been increased in size and functionality. I am surprised to see a 8GB hard disk and the 5″ 640 x 480 touchscreen looks great. I would think the typing experience would be a bit top-heavy and the unit might be a tad large for thumb-typing, for some. I really hope the price is affordable at a sub-$499 price.

AVING USA – Global News Network

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