Canon PowerShot TX1: Video and Pictures

Finally, Canon has come out with the PowerShot TX1. It’s function is very similar to Sanyo’s HD1 in that it is capable of recording video in 720p or with a pixel format of 1280 x 720. (The HD1 only takes pictures at 5.1 megapixel.) I have never really liked the aesthetics of Sanyo’s HD1 so I welcome Canon’s TX1. Although the TX1 seems to have a nicer design, the TX1 doesn’t quite do it for me in the looks department. But more important than looks is function in this case.

The TX1 uses a 7.1 megapixel 1/2.5″ CCD image sensor to take 7.1 megapixel images and 720p video at either 30 or 15fps. The idealists among us might have wanted to see a 1080p video capability; that might be in the works. While recording video, it is possible to take a full scale image. And video can be continuously recorded up to 4GB, which sounds like a lot but at 720p/30fps taking up so much space it only results in 13 minutes. Dial it down to 640 x 480 at 30fps and you’ll get 30 minutes worth of video with 4GB. The TX1 is quite affordable for what it is at $500. Additional features include a 10x optically image-stabilized zoom (35mm-film equivalent 30-390mm f/3.5-5.6), a 1.8″ LCD viewfinder with 115,000 pixels, and 80-1600 ISO settings. The images are processed by Canon’s Digic III, which is faster, results in better image quality and gives longer battery life. You can store the images and video on SDHC cards.

I think I can finally ditch my digital camera and camcorder for the TX1. The USB 2.0 port is used to offload all that wonderful media. You can find extensive information about the TX1 at Digital Photography Review.

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