Sharp AQUOS R Series

Sharp is introducing five AQUOS R Series LCD TV models on March 10, 2007 in the Japanese market. The five R Series include a 42″, 46″, 52″, 57″ and a 65″ LCD TV and all of them feature a 120Hz frequency that is double the normal of 60Hz resulting in better on screen performance with less motion blur. Contrast ratio is 3000:1. All five support Full HD 1080p. The LCD panel is of the Advanced Super View (ASV) type with a brightness of 450 cd/m2, viewing angles of 176-degrees and a pixel format of 1920 x 1080 enabling the LCD TVs to show 1080p. The backlight is the normal CCFL type so no color gamut improvements there.

The model names correspond to the size: 65″ is LC-65RX1W and the 57″ is LC-57RX1W and so it goes with the three other sizes. The 65″, 52″ and 46″ models will be introduced on March 10, 2007 while the 57″ and 42″ sizes will be introduced a month later on April 16. The larger 65″ and 57″ models will have a monthly production rate of just 1000 units. Sharp seems to think the 46″ will be the most popular as it is producing 5000 units per month with the 52″ being the second most popular and making 4000 units per month. I would think the 42″ would be the most popular, but Sharp is only making 3000 units per month. Usually the cheaper models are the most popular and the 42″ sizes are now becoming quite the standard. I’m sure Sharp knows a thing or two about what is popular, so I will leave it at that. But my bet is on 42″.

Source: Sharp

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