Samsung PAVV Cannes PDP TV: 42″ HD, 50″ HD, 63″ Full HD

Samsung Electronics’ Cannes plasma display panel (PDP) TV is the culmination of the company’s many display enhancement technologies such as: Ultra DayLight, Natural True Color, and Real Motion Studio. The Cannes PDP TV features a contrast ratio of 1000:1 in a bright room and a much improved 15000:1 in dark rooms due the its Ultra DayLight technology. PDP TVs have typically suffered in bright ambient environments with low contrast ratios where colors are washed out. The Natural True Color technology processes color at 18-bit, improving color fidelity while the Real Motion Studio technology improves sharpness for facial outlines and on-screen textual information.

Samsung chose the name Cannes for the Cannes International Film Festival, or Festival De Cannes. This year the Cannes Festival will be held from May 16 – 27. The company has promotional events planned including the invitation of lucky customers of the Cannes PDP TV. There seems to be three Cannes models: 42″ HD, 50″ HD and 63″ Full HD. Prices for these PDP TVs are as follows: 42″ HD for 2.1 million Korean won (around US$2234), 50″ HD for 3.4 million Korean won (around US$3617) and finally the 63″ Full HD for a cool 9.0 million Korean won (around US$9575).

Source: AVING

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