Sony NWA806: Multimedia Players

Sony Europe: Sony claims the NWA806 is the world’s smallest and lightest video player. Dimensions are 43.8 x 88.0 x 9.1 mm (W x H x D). Of course, because the NWA806 is being introduced in Europe the dimensions are in the metric system, which I prefer. Apple’s iPod nano on the other hand has a dimension of 40.64 x 88.9 x 6.604 mm. The nano is considerably smaller in all dimensions except that it’s a bit taller than Sony’s NWA806. But we are comparing Apples to oranges. The nano is one of the slickest MP3 players around, but unfortunately cannot playback video. The NWA806 (what a name) beats the nano in performance with a size that is competitive but Sony’s claim of it being the world’s smallest and lightest video player is probably not the case.

The cute little NWA806 sports a 2.0″ LCD with 240 x 320 pixels, which is considerably more than the nano’s meager 176 x 132. You’ll need to get the full-blown iPod to get that many pixels, but of course you’ll be getting something quick a bit bigger too. The NWA806 comes in 2GB and 4GB models and can play 60 hours of music and 15 hours of video; lasts quite a bit! It has a USB 2.0 connection and comes with a headphone, headphone extension cable, USB cable, SonicStage CP 4.3, Image Converter 3 and some instructions. Now for the price: a whopping pre-order price of $291 for the 4GB model!  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get the larger iPod with 30GB and play videos that I purchased with the $40 or so that I saved!

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