Samsung PAVV Bordeaux

Samsung’s new PAVV Bordeaux LCD TVs come in three sizes: 40″, 46″ and 52″. The model names are LN40M81BD, LN46M81BD and LN52M81BD. All three are Full HD 1080p capable and have Samsung’s Crystal Black Panel technology that quadruples the contrast ratio to 15,000:1. In addition, by incorporating the company’s Wide Color Control Plus technology, green and blue colors become significantly more vibrant than previous models.

The external design improves upon the sleek Bordeaux black by using glossy material all around. These three new Bordeaux models come with ACAP, which allows bi-directional data transmission, and three HDMI inputs. With Samsung’s Crystal Black Panel technology for its LCD TVs and its True Black Panel technology for its PDP TVs, Samsung is planning for a PAVV Black Campaign all through 2007.

In Korea, Samsung will begin TV commercials, initiate a variety of events in subways and strategic areas in late March. Prices will be around KRW3.3M (~US$3,512) for the 40″, KRW4.4M (~US$4,683) for the 46″ and KRW5.5M (~US$5,854) for the 52″, based on a KRW to US$ currency exchange rate of KRW939.50 to US$1.

Source: Samsung

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