Samsung Ultra Slim Module for Ultra Edition II Mobile Phone

AVING: Samsung seems to like the word “ultra” as the company is using its Ultra Slim Module (USM), a mobile phone LCD module that is only 1.29mm thick, and incorporating it into its Ultra Edition II mobile phone. The USM is 0.4mm thinner than its very thin 1.7mm thick mobile phone modules that Samsung is currently mass manufacturing. Samsung will be using the USM in the second quarter of this year for its Ultra Edition II mobile phones.

The picture from the USM’s side is pretty amazing. I look forward to a mobile phone that is not much thicker than the USM and durable enough to put into my small wallet.

I don’t know what HyBus is, unfortunately.

Looking at the back of the USM, it seems most of the circuitry has been integrated onto the glass with only a few chips located externally on the bottom of the module. I wonder if it is possible to integrate even more circuitry into the glass to make it shorter. But even without further development, Samsung’s USM will definitely make mobile phones thinner. Looking forward to Samsung’s Ultra Edition II phones near in the future.

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