LG’s TV Intro: Xcanvas Gallery Wood PDP TVs, Reddot TVs and More

LG introduced two Xcanvas Gallery wood PDP TVs, four Reddot TV (two LCD TVs and two PDP TVs), and two “slim & wave” design LCD TVs with third generation Time Machine functionalityThe 60″ Xcanvas Gallery wood PDP TV uses highest quality wood imported from Italy for its external frame. Wood was chosen to better match the interior design of customers’ homes. The Gallery wood PDP TV can be customized at the time of ordering with an option for wood: walnut or ash. The 60″ wood PDP TV is Full HD capable with a pixel format of 1920 x 1080 and incorporates the third generation Time Machine technology that allows for recording HD video content onto the hard disk while watching another HD channel. The price is set at KRW9.9 million, or just over US$10,500!

LG also introduced four Reddot TVs that incorporate the designs of the company’s 47″ LCD TV and 50″ PDP TV that won Reddot design awards. The new Reddot TVs come in 32, 42″ LCD TVs and 42″, 50″ PDP TVs. The LCD TVs are called Shine Ruby and has a ruby-colored line that goes across below the screen that presents a high-end look. These Reddot TVs also incorporate the company’s TruM technology that doubles the frequency from the normal 60Hz to 120Hz. This is done so that other technologies such as backlight blinking and black frame insertion can be applied to reduce motion blur.

“Slim & Wave” design LCD TVs incorporate the company’s third generation Time Machine technology. Also incorporated is EyeQ that maximizes front screen performance depending on the ambient light environment. The Slim & Wave LCD TVs are just 8.8mm thick and from the sides have a wave design. LG Electronics is planning to export these models in the second quarter of this year.

Here is the list of all the new models. Prices are in KRW and for wall-mount versions (US$1 = KRW941.50):

60″ wood (60PT1DRW):  9,900,000
60″ wood (60PT1DRA): 9,900,000
50″ 2007 Reddot Design (50PB4DR): 3,500,000
42″ 2007 Reddot Design (42PB4DR): 2,300,000

42″ 2007 Reddot Design (42LB5DR): 2,500,000
32″ 2007 Reddot Design (32LB3D): 1,700,000
42″ Slim & Wave Design (42LB5DR): 2,600,000
37″ Slim & Wave Design (37LB5DR): 2,100,000
Source: Donga-Ilbo, Akihabara News, Ubergizmo, LG

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