Sharp RD-CX200, RD-CX300

Sharp RD-CX200, RD-CX300
LCD Size: 4.3″ (11.0cm)
Pixel Format: 480 x 272
Color: 260K
Dimension: 135 x 99 x 30.2mm
Memory: 2GB Flash (RD-CX200), 20GB HDD (RD-CX300)
Price: KRW358K (RD-CX200), KRW428K (RD-CX300)

Sharp RD-CX200 RD-CX300

Electronic dictionaries are not very popular in the US, the UK or in any country where the main language is English. However, electronic dictionaries are extremely popular in countries such as South Korea and Japan. A lot of business is done in English and English can be considered the language of business at the moment. So, most schools teach English from early in, say junior high school. A convenient way to aid in learning English is an electronic dictionary.

Sharp’s RD-CX200 and RD-CX300 electronic dictionaries are rather cute and the 4.3″ TFT LCD screen should make it a pleasant experiencing viewing that’s on the display though learning English itself might not be as pleasant at times.

Sharp RD-CX200 RD-CX300

Source: Sharp Korea

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