AUO is ISO 14064 Certified

On February 2, 2007, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) proposed in Paris the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) about climate vicissitude. IPCC states in AR4 that global warming is clearly caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels. ISO developed standard rules to manage the environment, ISO 14064-1~3. ISO 14064 provide tools for assessing greenhouse gas reduction and emissions trading.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan has proposed new laws for “Greenhouse Gas Reductions”. Greenhouse gas accounting and verification mechanisms will become compulsory for all enterprises in Taiwan once these green laws are passed.

AUO’s seven LCD fab sites in Taiwan and China have been certified ISO 14064-1 and became the first TFT-LCD maker in the world to receive this certification.

An example is the disposable chopstick, which require wood, sulfur dioxide in manufacturing and a plastic wrapping. In Taiwan, over 1 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are used annually, an equivalent of almost 840,000 bamboo trees. Even more alarming is the 25 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks that the Japanese throw away every year! Bamboo trees are primarily grown in the rain forests in South East Asia, and use of disposal chopsticks is accelerating the damage to rain forests.

AUO’s seven LCD fab sites use stainless chopsticks and cutlery. 40,000 AUO employees use stainless chopsticks and cutlery, lowering demand for disposable chopsticks by 1.6 million pairs annualy. AUO also grew 40,000 saplings in 2005 at its Taichung site, Taiwan, and another 12,000 azaleas in 2006 in place of concrete enclosures.

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