CMO: LED LCD Monitor Panels

According to DigiTimes, Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) is shipping LED-based 19″ LCD monitor panels to Acer and 22″ LED-based panels to ViewSonic. CMO currently ships LED-based 12.1″, 13.3″, 14.1″ notebook panels, and 17″, 19″ inch LCD monitor panels in small volumes. I am not quite sure what the value of LED backlights are for average-sized LCD monitors. For notebook PCs that require a bit more thinning and a bit more battery power, white LEDs can do the trick, albeit for quite a bit more money. For large LCD monitors and LCD TVs, you can enhance the color gamut, do some cool tricks with the backlight with LED technology (separate RGB LEDs or a single LED package with RGB chips inside), but at a substantial price premium, of course. So, what’s the use for regular 17″ or 19″ LCD monitors? Thinner? Better color gamut for folks that really want that but are only willing to pay $199? I think there’s a mismatch. Ooops. Wait. I know now. It has to do with being green: no mercury, less overall material (thinner), lower power consumption (?), etc. So that’s it: Green.

Source: DigiTimes

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