Microsoft Surface Computing

Microsoft Surface Computing

Facts: Microsoft began work in 2001 and after 6 years of the company’s hardware divisions working with Microsoft Research (MSR), Steve Ballmer announced a new computing interface based on multi-touch technology at the D: All Things Digital conference: Surface Computing. The unit pictured above uses a Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection system. The display is 30″ diagonally. There are digital imaging devices that scan the top of the display for recognition that is required for device-based functionality. The touch display is multi-touch capable and allows for resizing, moving, rotating among other touch-based functions.

Opinion: Targeting commercial enterprises was a smart move by Microsoft. They are the only ones that will pay $5000 and up to deliver unique experiences to the customer. Once mass manufacturing begins for Surface-based devices, Microsoft can initiate consumer-oriented boxes with prices much cheaper. I’m looking forward to having one in my family room for my kids and their friends. I hope it doesn’t take Microsoft too long.

Links:  You can find more information at Microsoft’s Surface mini-site.

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