A little different: Bang & Olufsen Audio for Audi R8

Note: This post has nothing to do with displays, but since I am very interested in automobiles, the B&O and Audi R8 combination, I just couldn’t resist. So, here is the original post that I drafted a while back. The Audi R8 continues to be a mysterious sports car that I have yet seen in real life. But what a car it is! 

Audi’s R8 will be the first sports car with an option for a Bang & Olufsen audio system. B&O already has developed audio systems for Audi’s A8 and S8 sedans. The B&O audio system was custom tailored for the R8 and is composed of 12 speakers, 10 discrete amplified channels, and digital signal processing producing 465 watts of power. The system uses machines and anodised aluminum. Under acceleration, the B&O audio system compensates for the R8’s engine sound.

The 12 speaker system is composed of:(1) 130mm Subwoofer
(2) 200mm Front Door Woofer
(1) 35×70mm Center Speaker
(2) 80mm Front Midrange Speaker
(2) 25mm Front Tweeter
(2) 25mm Rear Tweeter
(2) 168mm Rear Midrange Woofer

The fusion of audio and the automobile’s mechanical cabin design and engine sound is a wonderful start toward a more full driving experience. Wonderful.

More information at Fourtitude.

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