Ratatouille opened June 29, 2007. I just read through most of the preview/review on the New York Times. The review is positive about the movie. But I knew that from the very first time I saw the preview on Apple‘s Quicktime site. What artists and a whole bunch of other people can do on the computer is just amazing! In the New York Times article, the writer, A. O. Scott, mentions that Ratatouille conquered “a whole new realm of physical texture and sensory detail” and goes on to detail what that is:

  • the fine grain of every image
  • the matted look of wet rat fur
  • the bright scratches in the patina of well-used copper pots
  • the beads of moisture on the surface of cut vegetables
  • the sauce-stained fabric of cooks’ aprons

I hope I can find the time to watch Ratatouille in a nice digital movie theater sometime soon, projected by Sony‘s new 4K x 2K SXRD projector. The “matted look of wet rat fur” would definitely look wonderful, ironically. I wonder if there are actual installations of Sony’s 4K x 2K already…


Allow me to finish my thought on this piece: my original thought process went something like this… “I really want to see Rataouille. Just like The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Cars, I’m sure it’ll be worth my money and time. I wonder what this has to do with displays?” Quickly I jotted down Sony’s 4Kx2K commercial projector because it was somewhat fresh in my mind. I attended InfoComm a couple of weeks back. It’s a conference about public displays or digital signage. There were a lot of companies display interesting technology, software, display and display-related products, one of which was Sony’s 4Kx2K projector. Sony used the 4Kx2K projector for its press event and the graphics was very sharp. The presentation was 100% text and graphics; no video was shown. I was informed there were 4Kx2K video camcorders, so 4Kx2K video should be some time in the future. How soon, I don’t know. Without diplays, whether flat panel or projection, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the great content that is out there. With my 17″ Sony LCD monitor at home with a 1280 x 1024 pixel format (1.31 megapixels), I am quite limited in how much I can see. For instance, the Canon A85 point-and-shoot that I use once in a while generates “4” megapixels, which is 2272 x 1704 (3.87 megapixels): that’s about 34% of the picture’s content that I see on my LCD monitor. The only LCD monitor that can be easily purchased (not financially!) is the 30″ variety that sports a pixel format of 2560 x 1600 and that doesn’t even provide 100% viewability of the 3.87MP picture. A 4Kx2K display would do it, but would still be limited to 8MP digital stills. I’m sure 4Kx2K video would blow my socks off! My opinion is that display technology is very much important and just as important as image capturing technology and the wonderful content. (Of course, you can’t leave out distribution, the devices themselves and the usability of each at every stage.)

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