IPS Alpha: Czech Republic Construction Completed

On July 3, 2007 (Japan time), IPS Alpha Technology, Ltd. (IPS Alpha) announced the completion of construction work on its LCD module facility located in the Czech Republic. Construction was completed ahead of schedule and in time to meet the growing demand for TVs in the European market. The second half of each calendar year generates more demand for TVs by a ratio of about 40:60 worldwide. The module plant will commence commercial production later in the month and has the capacity to manufacture five million 32″ IPS LCD panels annually. IPS Alpha plans to increase the monthly production capacity from 0.2 to 0.42 million units in October 2007 and build a system to manufacture approximately five million 32″ LCD modules per year.

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IPS Alpha began mass producing IPS LCD panels in May 2006. The company’s new LCD fab is located at Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and has the capacity to generate 1.6 million 32″ equivalent LCD modules annually. Capacity will grow to five million 32″ equivalent LCD modules per year beginning October 2007.

IPS stands for In-Plane-Switching, a technology used by LG.Philips LCD (LPL), and known for wide viewing angles (178-degree horizontal and vertical) with minimal color shifts and contrast ratio degradations at off-axis viewing. LPL has improved upon the basic IPS technology and has called it Super IPS or S-IPS. IPS Alpha has also improved its core technology, called IPS-Pro, that increases light transmittance by 50%, and increases the contrast ratio by 3x. This development should bode well for IPS technology as it has been difficult for brands to procure IPS panels from a single vendor (LPL). Now with IPS Alpha, brands can dual-source.

More information can be found here: Hitachi

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