Sharp G10: 2880 x 3080mm

It is final, according to DigiTimes. Sharp‘s G10 (generation 10) LCD plant will be able to process glass substrates with a dimension of 2880 x 3080mm. This is slightly larger than the 2850 x 3050mm that was considered. Sharp will focus on manufacturing 57″ and 65″ LCD TV and large public display panels at its G10 plant. The G10 plant is also capable of cutting fifteen 42″ LCD panels. This will certainly put a lot of pressure on PDP manufacturers as they have been fighting tooth-and-nail in the 40″-class TV sizes starting in early 2006 when G7 plants began volume producing 40″-class LCD TV panels. With G8, the battle for the 50″-class TV market will heat up later this year. Sharp already volume produces at its G8 while Samsung’s G8 just started this month.

LG.Philips LCD (LPL) has not made public its plans to build a next generation LCD plant. LPL currently has a G7 LCD plant that can process 1950 x 2250mm glass substrates, which are optimized for 40″-class LCD panels. LPL will either follow Samsung‘s G8 size or Sharp’s G10 size. I cannot see LPL doing both as funding the expansion for both becomes very expensive.

Source: DigiTimes via Witsview (The hyperlink is simply to Witsview’s news site that will change over time.)

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