Xiaolin Yan: LCD Not Best Technology for TVs

Xiaolin Yan is the president of TCL Research. Yan gave the negative comments about LCD TVs during an executive session at the FPD Expo Taiwan 2007. In the Chinese market, there is only one type of TV and that is LCD. But Yan made his opinion known by stating that CRT TVs are the best in terms of color and contrast ratio. I agree. That’s why I have a 20″ CRT TV. Nothing compares, not even PDP. Yan said that LCD TVs might be too bright for viewing in living rooms. There is a threshold of how bright a TV can be before becoming uncomfortable to the eye. The main problem with LCD TVs is that in dark ambient settings, the blacks look washed out. PDP is the better technology for dark rooms. In bright ambient settings, LCD is better and where PDP is not so good. But CRT TVs are good in both situations. The best bang for your buck might to go and get a Slim CRT from LG or Samsung.

LG Electronics 32″ SuperSlim CRT 32FS6DB (Korean)

Yan also touched on the motion blur issue with LCD technology. LCD technology is a hold-type, meaning liquid crystals have to be “held” in a certain state for light to pass or not to pass, generating constant color. There is a response time associated with the twisting and untwisting of liquid crystals that lead to bluring. Yan warned that viewers may feel dizzy after watching a LCD TV for a while. Motion blur is definitely a problem for LCD technology, but the LCD guys are not standing still. Doubling the frequency from 60Hz to 120Hz can reduce motion blur by a significant amount. I don’t know if it will be as good as a CRT, but it is definitely in the right direction. Also, LCD technology lack contrast ratio and lag behind CRT and PDP. There are backlight modulating technologies called “local dimming” that increase the contrast ratio by dimming the backlight brightness where there are blacks.

Source: DigiTimes via Witsview

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